More Than Just A Rehab Home Loan

Posted on August 26, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Are you having a hard time finding properties , even with the increase of inventory?  Tired of playing the bidding war? Well, you are not alone, there are many others who are just like you and are feeling the frustration.  There are a few things I am going to suggest that will hopefully help you […] …read more

Common Misconceptions When Purchasing Home

Posted on August 22, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

There are some very common misconceptions when purchasing a home.  Now,if you are buying a home for the first time it can seem a little overwhelming and your are probably unsure of where to begin.  This is completely normal, don’t fret! Buying a home is probably the biggest financial decision you will make in your […] …read more

Conventional Loans Using Gift Funds

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267). Tagged: , , , , , , ,

So, while Fannie Mae was on board with allowing people to use gift funds for down payment this fall for Conventional mortgages. The PMI companies have now transitioned as well. So what this means is that if you are buying a primary residence 1-Unit (only, not rental property either) then you no longer need the […] …read more

F.H.A vs. Conventional loans, and why FHA will become more popular for home buyers

Posted on February 26, 2009 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

In the last few months we have constantly seen the grind of conventional mortgage insurance companies tightening their belts. Awhile back we saw the elimination of mortgage insurance for investment properties, which led to the 20% down payment requirement for investment properties. Then we have seen conventional loan programs require you have a 680 to […] …read more