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Posted on October 7, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

If you have been to Union Station you have to admit, this is a great landing spot in Denver! Imagine coming in from D.I.A on business or a getaway to Denver, and walking off the light rail into Union Station (coming soon!). As a native I have to applaud all involved in this project.

Cooper Lounge #1Once inside you may want to look for the little known desk in the back corner. The reason is, they will usher you up to the Cooper Lounge for one of Denver’s more refined lounges. Where I am in life, is I want a chill spot to talk to friends, and I don’t want to be 5 deep at a bar jostling for a cocktail. This is what the Cooper Lounge offers you! They also have a raw bar for those lovers of Oysters. Primarily west coast, but they do offer an east coast selection as well.

Cooper Lounge #2We recently visited with friends on a Friday night, and I was able to get the bartender to go off menu and use their creativity for a bourbon drink! Nice touch. Great wine and scotch selection as well. Check out their site, and check them out for a refined cocktail experience at Union Station!

Stay tuned for more awesome spots in Denver!   Ray Williams @MtgMaestro


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