You don’t know Jack…

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

This in the message written on the menu of Jack’s, followed by a small snippet about Jack, the co-owner (something you didn’t know about him).  Words can not explain how cute, quaint and uniquely special this coffeeshop & restaurant in Arvada’s Five Parks area is.  Originally starting out as a small coffee shop known as Steamer’s, serving homemade pastries and quiche turned into a whole lot more with the addition of Jack’s.   IMG_0003[1] IMG_0001[1]

What makes this place uniquely special is that the owners Jack & Athan started Steamers with the primary objective to bring create jobs for people that couldn’t find a job because of their disabilities. They refer to these employees as “clients”. They wanted to create an environment that IMG_0004[1]would help those with special needs empower them in earning their own money.  Giving them a sense of independence. With its great success, they added the addition of Jack’s, which includes a full menu and bar, specializing in sliders.

With much success to both Steamer’s & Jack’s they have now added another addition of  a separate prep kitchen located across the street.  This allows them to hire more “clients” giving the clients more opportunities. The clients make homemade jams which are for sale and each jar has a signed name tag from the client who helped make it.

To top it off they also serve ice cream parlor style in the front of steamers which includes locally made ice cream from the local “Licks” Ice Cream parlor, located in Denver!

Whether you live in Arvada, the surrounding area or just passing through the area, I highly recommend stopping by this hidden treasure for a bite to eat, grab a latte, get a scoop of ice cream, buy a jar of jam, enjoy a slider or two, or all of the above!

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