Looking for a deli in Summit County? Check out Deli Belly’s!

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

In recent months we have spent a bit of time up in Summit County leading up to the ski season. We were on the hunt for Pika Bagel when we learned they closed. So we stumbled into Deli Belly’s Delicatessen and never looked back. We have been back a few times since.

Deli Belly!First thing, the owners are super nice and from the East Coast. They know how to make a sandwich for sure. Although I have yet to have a Hot Dog, I am looking forward to it soon.

The bread is fresh, and so are the ingredients. When I go to a deli I like to test the Pastrami, and they get a double nod here. Also, the Reuben because I feel those are two deli staples. So they definitely pass with flying colors.

Deli Belly Taste the GoodsMake sure that if you are driving down from a day of skiing/riding and you are hungry to stop in  (275 Main St, Frisco) to Deli Belly’s and grab a bite before you leave Summit County, you won’t regret it.





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