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Posted on September 30, 2014 by Melissa Williams.


Ray and I just spent two weeks in Italy where pizza was a somewhat common meal for us.  Ever since, I have been thinking about that pizza somewhat regularly.  Thankfully, Pizzeria Locale makes it much more accessible than having to head to the airport.  Pizzeria Locale was founded by the masterminds of Frasca Food & Wine, in Boulder.  The first location, established in Boulder is a full-service restaurant, and the second, in Denver, is more of a fast casual spot.  Their third location is set to open in the Highlands neighborhood in October 2014.

The pizza at Locale is truly authentic.  I always thought it was amazing, but after being to Naples, it’s a pretty true replica of what we ate in Italy.   When we got back from Italy, I then spent time with my family in NY.  The other “Pizza Mecca” of the world.  I had pizza twice in restaurants that touted their “ovens from Napoli”.  No. Where. Near. Locale…or Naples for that matter.  Anyone can buy an iconic domed oven from Naples (with enough capital) and make pizza in it.  If you’re not doing it right or using the proper ingredients, why bother?

The head chef at Locale was trained in making Neapolitan pizza until his knuckles bled.  The ingredients are wet and flavorful, not dried out and chewy.  Their oven is on a perfect rotation to cook your pizza (made to order in front of you) at 1000 degrees in a minute and a half.  Clearly WAY more goes into it than stated above and it’s all simply perfection.  Check out this video on their website and I’m sure I know where you will be for dinner tonight!


Boulder: 1730 Pearl Street Boulder CO, 80302

Denver: 550 Broadway Denver, CO 80203

Highlands – Coming Soon!


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