Thank you for following up. Yes, our plan was to buy the house we are currently renting from the bank after the foreclosure. All was going to plan until our landlord refinanced the house right before the foreclosure sale (which was to be today). So the bank's attorney withdrew it from the sale. We are crushed and extremely disappointed that this happened. We are definietly not giving up completely though. We will continue to press the homeowner to sell it to us and do not plan on renting for much longer. I absolutely appreciate all your hard work in getting us to this point and have been extrememly impressed with your thoroughness and organization. You really have a handle on this unfamiliar process and have been very professional. I am so sorry we went through all of this and our original plan did not work out. We are devastated and are trying to figure out what direction to go next. I hope you don't feel your efforts are in vane as you will be our first choice when we either convince the homeowner to sell to us or find a new property, as well as referring our friends who are in the market. I don't expect it will be too long for either, however.

Thank you again!


Ray, first off, thank you so much for being there this entire time and helping us out. We truly appreciate all the time you and your team put into this. We are so excited to be closing so soon. Also, thank you so much for having the title company pay the HOA through September. This will help us out so very much. This is a very wonderful moment in time for the both of us and you helped to make this a reality. Thank you!

Michael & Dani

Hello Ray,Thank you and your team for the excellent service. We appreciate the ongoing communication and quick responses to our questions that you each provided. Once again, the amounts due and at closing and the monthly payment went down slightly from what you initially quoted. A welcome surprise, that has happened both times we have worked with you. Thanks again for your honesty throughout the process and we'll be sure to be in touch with any mortgaging needs in the future.

Dustin & Susan

Thanks again for the assistance and outstanding work getting this done quickly. We'll be sure to refer you and possibly use your services again down the road.

Shawn & Gail

We couldn't have been happier with Summit Mortgage! The service and care is unbeatable. Our situation was a little complicated since we were relocating to Colorado and my husband is self-employed, Ray and his team worked hard to make sure we got our loan approved. Ray is really friendly, helpful and easy to work with, he explains the ins and outs of lending to you so that you can actually understand. We were very happy with our experience and would recommend them again.

Shelley P.

I found Ray and Summit on the internet after not being satisfied with the effort of a lender I was using. Best decision I made. Ray and team were extremely efficient and effective. They explained every option that I had in terms that I could understand, picked up the phone when I called, and returned e-mails much faster than expected. I appreciated that Ray sat down and explained the pros and cons of all options, something the lender I was using didn't do. Thanks to Ray, I got into a great mortgage program that saved me a lot of money up front. I couldn't have been happier with Ray and his team and the service that they provided. I know my real estate agent shares in the same praise.

Kelly M.

I worked with Ray in obtaining a loan for the purchase of my wife and I's first home. He was extremely helpful in helping us explore our various options, especially 203K financing. While our initial hopes were to find a project home to use a 203k on, after we learned that we had our first child on the way Ray helped us transition our financing needs. Ray was prompt and easy to work with throughout the process, keeping me informed with no surprises at closing.

Jason L.

I contacted Summit Mortgage about a year ago to see if home ownership was even a possibility. I was not ready then however Ray helped me understand the process, answered any questions and did not make me feel rushed or pressured. I learned so much throughout that time. Fast forward to March 2014. That's when I felt ready to start looking for a home. Working with his team made my first home buying experience a good one. They always answered any questions, emailed me back in a timely manner etc. When closing time came I felt confident that I was informed and ready. It was really nice working with them!

Deb S.

I had a great experience with Ray and his staff. Like most folks, I have people in my life who are either mortgage or real estate brokers. After not owning a home for almost 4 years, I decided that this time I was going to do my own research in order to find a lender and real estate agent. After researching and contacting several lenders, I decided to move forward with Ray. My situation was rather complicated and was compounded by a situation with escrow on a HUD home that almost killed the deal. Ray and staff were able to move the deal along despite many setbacks, and closing was delayed only a few days. I imagine I wasn't the easiest client to work with, and Ray and his staff exceeded any lofty expectations I had. If you're like me and probably doing too much due diligence, save yourself some time and make Ray one of your first contacts.

Matt I.

Working with Ray Williams's Summit Mortgage team was such a satisfying experience. My wife and I had searched for a home over the course 6 months, during which we changed our budget, type of property we were interested in, and realtors. Throughout the whole process Ray kept me in his priorities no matter what the circumstances. Did I mention I was a first time home buyer? Not only did I get a house but I got an education. And Ray did a lot more than teach me what lending/borrowing is all about he procured a lenders credit which covered the closing costs. Finally, the mark Ray left on our deal that I will always remember him by is the low interest rate he locked me into, and I mean low. FHA, traditional, reno loans, cosigners, whatever your specific circumstances are Ray will accomodate with an in depth background and a customer-first approach. Ray simply does not know how to disappoint that is why he is your obvious choice for securing your next mortgage.

Rory B.

Ray was superb in assisting us with a conventional loan. We were under contract with HUD and got declined by another lender. Luckily we found Ray and contacted him. With no time to spare, he jumped right in to help us and we got loan approval within 21 days, including holidays. As results, we could close on time. Ray was exceptional and professional. We would highly recommend him and his team for those who need mortgages. With many thanks to Ray and much appreciation! Thank you Ray!!!

V A.

It has been a pleasure to meet and work with Ray Williams and his team at Summit Home Mortgage. Being a Realtor, I am not easy to please and have several options available when it come to lenders. My wife and I choose Ray for this transaction because of his diverse knowledge-base on home mortgages. He has a very consultative approach and helped us choose the wisest loan product for our needs. It was extremely important for me to have this knowledge on my side because of my self-employed status. He knew all of the important rules necessary to maximize my income and help us achieve our goals. Rays' staff was very professional and timely. Title had all the necessary closing documents several days before closing, which was only a month after the initial contract acceptance.

Tim D.

I went from trying to get a VA, then Convetional, then ultimately a FHA mortgage on the property that I bought. The reason for the switch was beyond anyones control, but I still closed on time from the first issued closing date. Apologies were given, but I still think the process was very very easy. Ray and his staff were very professional and their knowledge of the industry was stellar.

Michael W.

If I had to sum my experience up in one word, I would use "Incredible"! Ray, and his team are truly the best folks to work with. They are not only professional, prompt, and reliable, but friendly and personable too. It was such a breath of fresh air to receive such outstanding customer service! This is the second home I have purchased through Summit Mortgage, and it won't be my last. If you are in the market to purchase a home I highly recommend doing yourself a favor by giving Ray a call!

Mike C.

The staff at Summit Mortgage was not only knowledgeable and professional, but also extremely empathetic and patient. When my husband and I first started the process of purchasing our first home, we had absolutely no idea what to expect! Honestly, I pictured walking into a sterile environment that held uptight employees who really didn't truly care about your individual situation. Thankfully, and surprisingly, it was the complete opposite! Every single staff member my husband and I came in contact with, via telephone, e-mail, and/or person were professional and friendly. If I left a VM for a staff member (most of the time I didn't have to; someone was usually available when I called) it was never longer than a couple hours before they returned my phone call. Words cannot explain the level of customer service that my family received from this company and I will continue to refer them to anyone who is looking for information/services regarding mortgage needs.

Teya M.

My fiancé and I just purchased a house using Summit Mortgage and we could not have been happier with the company. The service and attention to detail were phenomenal. Ray Williams was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process.

Katie H.