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Looking to Refinance Your Mortgage? We Can Help.

What are the reasons you should consider refinancing?

  • Lower interest rate
  • Lower your term (30 year to 15 year)
  • Remove mortgage insurance
  • Get out of an A.R.M (adjustable rate mortgage)
  • Get into an A.R.M
  • Cash out equity for debt consolidation, home renovations, college tuition, down payment on another home
  • Refinance into a rehab (renovation) loan to complete the home renovations you’ve always wanted to do. (Make it your dream home!)
  • Consolidate a 1st and 2nd mortgage and/or a Home Equity Line of Credit

We help you accomplish your mortgage goals.

Many of these options are to lower your monthly payment, but for some reducing the term is their goal. Whatever your reason may be, it is all worth looking into if you are needing any of these options listed above. Even if the option is not listed above, and you are thinking of refinancing, give us a call at 303.779.0591 and a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team can discuss your needs and find the best solution.

Looking to learn more? Read an overview of the different loan types that are available.

Lowering your interest rate saves you money, but that isn’t the only reason people choose to refinance.

Refinancing goes beyond “rate shopping”, it takes experience, knowledge and education. We want to understand your goals and work through planning a successful strategy to refinance your home.

Deciding to refinance starts with weighing the benefits and the cost, then deciding if it makes financial sense. Every lender can offer lender paid closing costs, but a good lender should show you the cost benefit of this option. They should guide you and help you understand the available options. They also, may advise a strategy you didn’t think you were open to, but has a positive financial impact for your family’s largest asset. Ultimately you should be provided options and explained what the cost/benefit and difference would be for you and ultimately you decide what is best for you. Our team is just here to guide you, while remaining in the passenger seat of your decision making process.