How much home can I afford

When you are thinking about purchasing a home typically the first question you ask yourself is “how much home can I afford?”.  This is a great question to get you started but quite honestly, I think there is a more important question you need to be asking yourself.  “What are your expectations in the vision of […] …read more

New Down Payment Assistance Options with CHFA

There are new down payment assistance options with CHFA!  CHFA is known for their down payment assistance programs as well as their specialty programs.  Yesterday CHFA rolled out a change to their down payment assistance grant program and added a zero-percent second.  The down payment assistance grant will now be for up to 4% of […] …read more

FHA Mortgage Insurance- UPDATE

Posted on January 20, 2017 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Check it out. Within hours of the inauguration it has been announced that FHA will not reduce the mortgage insurance costs for FHA loans funding on/after Jan 27th! This has been retracted and suspended indefinitely. We previously announced it but it has been retracted following the inauguration. FHA Mortgage Insurance costs will stay the same and […] …read more


Posted on January 9, 2017 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Jan 9th- HUD announced today that mortgage insurance is being reduced starting loans that close/disburse Jan 27, 2017! This is great news that will help people on their road to homeownership. An example would look something like this: Current: ($366,145 mortgage; 3.5% Down)= $252.76 /month NEW: $178.42 /month SAVINGS: $74.34 / month SAVINGS over 72 months: $5,352.48 […] …read more

Mortgage Broker, Bank and Other

Are you looking for a home mortgage?  Where do you look first? The first place we tend to go is our bank.  We figure that it would be easier to go to our bank since all our finances are already there so it makes sense to consider getting a mortgage through the same financial institution.  […] …read more