USDA Loan Limits 2017

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Press Release: March 31st, 2017 Effective today USDA raised the area loan limits for Colorado. Generally speaking homes financed under the program must be under 2000 square feet. USDA loans are a powerful tool if you buy outside the city~ County or Equivalent Limit Effective 1-6-2017 As you may or may not know USDA loans […] …read more

Mortgage Broker, Bank and Other

Are you looking for a home mortgage?  Where do you look first? The first place we tend to go is our bank.  We figure that it would be easier to go to our bank since all our finances are already there so it makes sense to consider getting a mortgage through the same financial institution.  […] …read more

Mortgage Rates After The Election

Mortgage Rates After The Election The mortgage rates after the election, we all wondered if it would happen, and it happened, rates when up just a day after the election.  What does this mean and what did that rate rise cost you?  Here is a breakdown of what this may mean for you if you are […] …read more

Are you pre-approved

What is the true value of your lender letter and are you really pre-approved? It is quite disconcerting to see how many lenders at the big box banks are providing lender letters with only a credit report. This only is giving you a false assumption of a pre-approval.  Then there are offers on homes, that they […] …read more

Time To Buy A Home

When is a good time to buy a home? This is a good question. Ideally, when you are considering to buy a home the decision should be based on these factors, need vs. want, timing, and finances. It should never be pushed or persuaded from the assumption or outcome of the current Real Estate market […] …read more