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Community Reinvestment

Special Opportunity!! Mortgage Maestro Group will reinvest 1% of your loan amount towards closing costs. Get pre-qualified now.

Community Reinvestment
Funds Available


Mortgage Maestro Group is reinvesting in underserved areas, regardless of the need.



Anyone who closes on a loan, in eligible areas, with qualified loan programs, could receive 1% of their loan amount to use towards their home purchase.



Contact Mortgage Maestro Group for a copy of our map of areas eligible for this incredible program.


What is the benefit?

This is a genuine concession, from us, of 1% of the loan amount. It can be applied in many ways; towards closing costs, make it easier to qualify by obtaining a lower rate, or for a seller to offer a concession to a portion of the buyers closing costs without effect to the seller’s net on sale.


The Math:

Let’s say you are purchasing a $400,000 home  — you could be given up to $5,600!

Plus, the underwriting fee is less than$200!!


What do I do now?

Please get in touch with Mortgage Maestro Group to learn more.

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