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Camping & Hiking in Colorado

Camping & Hiking in Colorado

Now is the time to start marking our calendars for camping and creating our destination hiking trails that you haven’t explored yet.  As a Colorado native, you would think I should know all the ins/outs of hiking trails and camping spots but as you may have noticed, Colorado is an enormous playground with vast areas to explore, which means, endless trails and camping spots to still find.  I figured since I enjoy the outdoors and now have a family I want to share this passion with, I thought I should take the time to do some research and try and find some new areas and wanted to share my findings with you.


I came across the website, it lists great trails, swimming holes, waterfalls and campsites with a map for you to follow and schedule a day trip or weekend adventures, such as a quick and easy Canyon getaway in Grand Junction, CO.

The other website I came across was the Colorado Hiker.  This site lists hiking trails with reviews and pictures as well as lists activities for the site which may include camping, mountain biking, fishing etc.  It also includes the closest town and the driving directions.  The site also lists hiking categories in which you can search (i.e. kids friendly, dog-friendly, difficulty levels, wildflowers, distance, etc.).  A great kid friendly place to hike is the Great Sand Dunes which encompasses 30 square miles that offer free-lance hiking, there are no set trails you just explore as much as you want to, and highly suggest visiting in late spring or early summer when Medano Creek is flowing.  You are able to dip in the creek to cool off and also entertain the kiddos. The Great Sand Dunes was also highlighted on the cover of 5280 magazine for the month of May, make sure to check out their insiders guide before heading out to explore! Plus they have a great guide to camping in Colorado. One last resource, check out this article on some great back country camping!

Again, there are plenty of options for camping and hiking around Colorado, make sure to share with us some of your adventures and please include some pics! We will post them on our site!

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