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What’s going down in town…

What’s going down in town…

What’s going down in town…

There are always a lot of events once fall officially starts, from Boo At the Zoo, Harvest fests, Oktoberfests, Haunted Houses, etc.  So it is time for my pick of the weekend events happening in and around Denver!

I’m a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan so this caught my eye, at the Ignite Theatre, they are running Nevermore: The Imaginary life and mysterious death of Edgar Allen Poe, starting Friday, Oct. 21st – Nov. 13th.  Can you think of a better time to see a play about the famous Edgar Allen Poe?  This is a musical based blending both fact and fiction telling the story of Poe’s tormented yet transcendent life.

Keeping in theme with a little creepy and semi-dark, this Friday, Oct. 21st @ 9:00pm at the Syntax Physic Opera, Rasputina is playing.  The feature two cellos, vocals, and a drum. If you haven’t heard of them they are worth checking into.  They have a very unique and intriguing sound.

And don’t forget about the Denver Zombie Crawl happening on Saturday, Oct. 22nd @ 12-6pm starting in Skyline Park.  If you don’t plan on attending it is worth taking a drive downtown to see all the “zombies” walking around, although make sure to plan accordingly if you are driving into downtown because there will be road restrictions and crowds! And if you have little ones, you may want to avoid this area altogether, as it is a bit creepy and could scare young children.

On the lighter side, this Saturday, Oct 21st is National Pitbull Awareness Day Colorado event-oct22_2016and there is a “Parade of Pitbulls” in downtown Littleton.  This is the 6th annual event, which includes the parade, costume contests, training demos, goodie bags and much more.

If you have an event you would like us to post or share please email, and if you have attended any fun events please share on our Facebook page!


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