Will Appreciation in Denver’s Real Estate Market Continue This Year, Like Last?

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

If you have owned a home in Denver the last few years, you have realized some equity gains in your home simply by living there. According to Zillow the year over year appreciation in Denver for Q$ 2014 was nudging to 14% , and was 2nd in the country only behind the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

So what does that forecast look like for forecasted year over year change Q4 of this year (2015)? The same forecasts would expect Denver to slow to around 4% which is a drop off. If you have been around Real Estate for some time you may agree that is much healthier and possibly more sustainable than last year.

That 4% (roughly) appreciation level would put us 6th on the list. But to put things in perspective the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market is expected to slow to closer to 2% from it’s torrid pace of close to 15% gains.

With a above average economy. amazing quality of life, and blue bird days, add in a healthy Real Estate economy and you can agree with me. This is a pretty cool place to call home.

Ray Williams (@MtgMaestro)

Branch Manager



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