Café 13 In Golden- A Great Place For Breakfast And Coffee

Posted on August 3, 2015 by Ray Williams (NMLS #216267).

Having grown up in Golden, I will always say, Golden is a much different town that I grew up in. Nowadays if you don’t ride a road bike, it seems your not from Golden. There are so many activities on the weekends here. But before or after taking in what Golden has to offer, stop in Café 13, you won’t be disappointed.Cafe13 #2

We stopped in on a Saturday morning, before meeting my parents at the local Farmers Market. The coffee is organic and so are the people who visit here. They have a great outdoor courtyard with tables in the shade, just don’t plan on getting a seat outside as these are coveted seats. But indoors they have two additional rooms on top of the cafe’s main area.

Cafe 13 #1The menu is on display in certain regards right in front of your eyes. They have plenty of baked goods right in front to tease you into sampling them. The menu was simple but offered something for each of us. My wife chose The Classic, but subbed the croissant for a bagel, which the staff was happy to do. I chose the Greek Scramble, and was glad I did. The coffee was great, and they even make proper iced coffee which is always nice to see.

Now, I don’t get back to my old stomping grounds that often, but you can believe the next time we are in Golden, we will be back!

Ray @MtgMaestro


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