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Yoga @ The Pepsi Center

Yoga @ The Pepsi Center

Here I was enjoying some yoga at the Pepsi Center, definitely a new experience for me. Many of you may have had the opportunity of hearing the squeaking of the court at an NBA game.  Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to come out and support our home team the Nuggets. But most of us rarely get the chance to be down on the court, seeing them right in front of you, experiencing their overwhelming height.  Overall being at an NBA game is really quite exhilarating and fun.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50
Denver Nuggets Yoga Mat

Recently I had the privilege of participating in a yoga class on the court.  The Nuggets dance director headed the class along with some help from the Nuggets dancers. It was an amazing class with a unique experience. Much different than being at a game and in a hot yoga studio. Being on the court did give me an overwhelming view of the seats.  The thought of what a team feels like when they are on the court, looking at all the fans in the seats, made me dizzy! Now, not only did I get a great workout and a fantastic way to start a Saturday morning but I also got a yoga mat, with the Denver Nuggets logo! And as an added bonus, after the class, they had some awesome sales on some team merchandise! Go Nuggets!

Now, not only did I get a great workout, a fantastic start to my Saturday morning but I also got a free yoga mat, with the Denver Nuggets logo! To add to that bonus, after class, they had some killer sales on some local team schwag! Go Nuggets!

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