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Securing a Self-Employed Mortgage Program

Running a successful business is no small accomplishment. Though when you turn around and try to get financing to buy a home, it can feel like an uphill battle to Securing a Self-Employed Mortgage. Being told you don’t qualify because of your tax returns can make you want to scream. Meanwhile you look at your cash flow and business financials and know you can afford to buy a home. It is a delicate balancing act. Between your C.P.A maximizing the benefits you are afforded by being a business owner, when filing taxes and obtaining a mortgage. If you have been told by your bank you can’t qualify for a mortgage, there is still hope. As a mortgage broker, we have a fiduciary responsibility to offer loan programs to those who qualify. There are options for you as a business owner to qualify to buy a home, even if on paper it may not appear so to your bank. Reach out and let’s chat. We’ve helped many homeowners who were told no by their banks.