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2015 FHA Loan Limits Announced

2015 FHA Loan Limits Announced

In case you missed the announcement last Friday, FHA announced the new loan limits for 2015.  These new limits will go into effect as of January 1, 2015 and will be in affect through the end of the year.

To all of those who think FHA is going away anytime soon, then they may want to rethink this notion because right now there are way too many people who need FHA financing. Whether it is due to lower credit scores, lower down payment, recovering from previous foreclosure and/or bankruptcy, whatever the reason, FHA is not going anywhere.

Here’s a list of Colorado most common counties and their new FHA loan limit increase:

Denver-Adams-Arapahoe-Broomfield-Clear Creek-Douglas-Elbert-Gilpin-Jefferson-Park

$424,350 (Single Family); $543,250 (2-unit); $656,650 (3-unit); $814,050 (4-unit)

For a complete list of all counties in Colorado visit HUD’s website here, make sure to adjust the “limit year” to 2015.  To apply for an FHA loan today, click here.

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