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A Word of Advice to Rate Shoppers

A Word of Advice to Rate Shoppers

We have all been advised to shop for the best terms. Whether a small or large purchase. This rings most true in obtaining your home loan. Everyone wants the lowest rate. Of course you do!

Bear in mind, that needs to be in respect to structure and strategy. An experienced lender will ensure your strategy is met through proper loan structure. Then, ensure you have a competitive mortgage interest rate. That will therefore meet your short-term and long-term financial goals for the house.What did you just say? You’ll understand once you talk to an experienced lender.

More important to you all right now. When calling a lender, and asking what is your rate? Ask one more question; What are you going to do to protect my interest rate given mortgage rates are changing by the hour right now? See how the lender responds to that question.

In the past 24 hours, we have locked in 10 client’s mortgage terms. The net result. We protected them all from .375% higher interest rates, by using our experience to monitor the volatile interest rate market. What is the result? We saved those clients an average of $15,000 in interest on their mortgages. So tell me is a few hundred dollars in potential difference in closing costs worth this risk?

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