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Buying a home after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Shortsale

Buying a home after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Shortsale

During the recession some of you may have had to file for bankruptcy and may have even lost your home through foreclosure or short sale.  A very common question is “what is the waiting period requirement when buying a home after bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale?”.  This answer will depend on the loan program as well as the circumstance, so to make it a little easier we created a document for you to download and reference and/or share with others, it breaks down the waiting period requirements per loan program (FHA, VA, USDA & Conventional).

Click here to download document.  We hope you find this reference helpful and we know that you will or already have been working hard to re-establish your credit during this waiting period.  Here is also the link for HUD’s guidelines  as well as Fannie Mae.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Click here if you would like to apply for a mortgage today.


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