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$100 Down Payment for HUD homes

$100 Down Payment for HUD homes

It’s true!

Are you looking to buy a home to live in and have been looking for a great deal? HUD released an extension of their already low down payment home buying program. What this means is if you buy a HUD owned home (can be found through a HUD approved real estate agent), and use HUD financing ( I can provide or any HUD approved lender) you will be eligible to use the $100 down payment requirement.

With HUD rates on mortgages at 3-year lows this might be a great time in Colorado to pursue this option.

If you need a referral to an a qualified agent who can find you a home you can put $100 down payment on let me know. Also give a call if you have questions about this program and how it applies to you for financing these homes.

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