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This year the market has been very volatile, bouncing all over the place, and we’ve seen more swings on a single day than we used to see over a month! The good news is, on the good days the rates are very low, and we have been able to secure them for our clients.

Look at your current rate on your mortgage, realize that FHA loan limits are now at $406,250 for Metro Denver & surrounding counties and $460,000 for Boulder. We have been doing ‘no cost’ refinances (that is where we pay your closing costs, they are not rolled into your loan) at 5.50% on 30 year fixed rate loans. (Yes, that is on the difficult loans too).

If you think this would help you, call or e-mail us, we can look at how much that would lower your monthly payment, go over the good faith estimate, etc. Also, if you currently have an FHA or VA loan – great time to do a no quailifying, no appraisal streamline refi – they are simple and another great HUD program.

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