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Great Programs & Opportunities for Denver Home Buyers

Great Programs & Opportunities for Denver Home Buyers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out information on not only new programs and opportunities for home buyers in the Denver Metro area but also existing programs that are just now being noticed. I wanted to just give a quick “recap” on the opportunities out there if you are wanting to purchase a home, know someone who is wanting to buy a home and even if you are just “thinking” about buying a new home. Here is a list of programs available, with a brief description of what they are and what they offer. Also included are links so you can find out more information on each program. Which I highly recommend.


Programs Currently Available

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)(all counties)- This program offers first-time home buyers to claim *10%-30% of mortgage interest as a tax credit

CHFA Advantage Loan Program (all counties)- For first-time homebuyers who have a 700+ credit score the ability to purchase with 3% down (could also use **DPA) and NO MI!! (Also can use in conjunction with MCC)

Denver MMA Program (Denver, Littleton & Edgewater county)- This program is a loan that includes a 4% of note as a down payment assistance grant (not a loan), available to NON first time home buyers!

Notes:*10%-30% Percent can vary depending on purchase price, **DPA-Down payment assistance

As stated above, these are just brief descriptions and overviews of the most recent programs available to home buyers. Depending on your circumstance and situation there may be other programs available for you, this is just a quick overview of new options available. As always please call your lender to discuss and/or please give us a call or contact us for further information. Please note that you must work with an approved lender for these programs. (wink, wink, we are approved!)

If you would like to get pre-approved please contact us and/or complete our secure online loan application.

Again, I hope you found this information to be helpful. Please make sure to follow me on Twitter, “like” us on Facebook, and follow my blog !


Ray Williams

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