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Happy Thanksgiving Denver

Happy Thanksgiving Denver

Hello Colorado!

This time of year is the time to reflect. To reflect on what you are thankful for, and what makes you pursue things the way you do. In the mortgage business, often times the year flies by as we work towards getting your home loans approved. Without knowing how quickly time passes by, you turn around and the year is almost over.

I look back on this year, and the past 10 plus years doing what I do, and reflect. Reflect on how much has changed for my industry, and the lending landscape for you as a consumer. We have seen some rocky times (lenders and consumers), but things are looking up. Housing numbers are strong in Denver, and people are seemingly in a good space. So for that I am thankful for living in Denver, it is a truly amazing city.

Loans haven’t become harder to obtain, its more that things that were overlooked, are no longer. So be prepared and attentive, and your loan application won’t feel as stressful as you think. With the right selection of a lender, you will feel an initial wave of requests, and the remaining time frame should be less intrusive. And share your story, and be forthright. Your lender is your advocate, not adversary. So to this I am thankful for all my clients, who understand and respond with quickness. That too makes my job for you easier as well.

As an operator of a mortgage bank branch, I have to rely on my team. My team is amazingly dedicated. They respect my dedication to pursuing excellence for our clients. They are here to serve, and help our family of clients. They are knowledgable, and willing. So to my team, I want to say thank you for your efforts this year.

On a personal level, I am blessed to have amazing friends, and family I cherish. I feel lucky that my path was guided towards this industry 10 plus years ago after I got out of the Navy from my service. So to the higher power, I want to say thankyou for guiding me where I belong.

Enjoy your holiday season, take time to reflect, enjoy life, friends, family, and give a bit more, and cherish the memories that shape your life. We are blessed to live in an amazing country. Be well~

Ray ~

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