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Have the sushi craving? Check out this little D.U. Gem

Have the sushi craving? Check out this little D.U. Gem

Hey guys~

So last night my girlfriend and I took a few friends to our favorite new sushi restaurant in Denver. It is a little gem in my neighborhood (D.U.).

John Holly’s Bistro is located at 2422 S Downing St, it is just off the corner of Downing and Wesley past the gas station. When you walk in the door everyone is friendly and the decor is appealing to the contemporary eye. They have cool mosaic tiles and great art too.

The menu is filled with fresh rolls you won’t find anywhere else on menu’s of Denver’s sushi restaurants. Everytime we put a piece of these rolls in our mouths the freshness and quality of the sushi was without a doubt like melting chocolate on a sunny day. The winner of the night hands down was the SoDo roll (a speciality roll). We also had a sampling of their sake menu which was nice.

If you are looking to get out and try something new, and not heavy on the pocketbook head to John Holly’s Bistro on Downing!

If you have a recommendation let me know as well!


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