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I was told I can’t get a VA loan, why ?

I was told I can’t get a VA loan, why ?

I don’t know why! I just attended a loan closing today for a Veteran in Denver, who was told she couldn’t qualify for a VA loan. When I started working with her, I had to reassure her everything would be fine. And wallah, she closed on her first home today.

Sure enough, I was called by a different Veteran in Denver last week who was told the same thing. So I am in the process of helping him finalize his mortgage pre-approval on his VA home loan.

Why are Veterans being told they can’t get a VA loan? I assume it is because most lenders in Denver aren’t familiar with certain key components of the VA home loan process. If you overlook very important aspects, the Veteran will suffer.

Don’t work with an unqualified mortgage lender on your home loan. Work with a Veteran, who understands the sacrifice you made for your country, since I did as well. Go Navy!

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Ray Williams, Branch Manager, Summit Home Mortgage, Denver

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