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Lower Rates for Jumbo’s!

Lower Rates for Jumbo’s!

The servicers who collect your mortgage payments have made an aggressive push towards acquiring more jumbo sized mortgages. This appears to be happening to allow for their servicing pools to remain at similar volume levels given there will be less new mortgages with refinancing slowing down.

If you are looking for lower interest rates right now, you may find if you have a need for a mortgage over conforming loan limits, this is the best bet. You may be able to lock in your rate for 7 or 10 years in the mid 3% range. By standards Jumbo (non-conforming) loan amounts have always had higher interest rates over conforming loan sizes.

Now would be the time for getting a Jumbo loan.

Now the facts, discuss your options with your lender, or give us a call.

Ray Williams

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