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MMA Expanding Areas!

MMA Expanding Areas!

There has been quite a buzz going around about the MMA, no not mixed martial arts, but the Metro Mortgage Assistance Program, including articles in the Denver Post and on our local news stations.  I have also previously posted on this new program available (March 20, 2013 posting) and have a page on my website dedicated to information for this program.

This loan program that includes 4% grant for down payment assistance (DPA) was originally offered for the City and County of Denver & Littleton but in the last month it has expanded to City of Dacono, Sheridan, Edgewater and as of today City of Arvada.  I project more cities will be wanting to jump on the bandwagon with this program because of the great opportunity it offers for home buyers.  This program helps in rebuilding communities, promoting neighborhood stabilization and creating home ownership by helping those with a low-moderate household income.  Not everyone can come up with 5-20% down payment on a property, so this DPA Grant that is offered to even NON first time home buyers will help many individuals and/or families.  *Please note that there are income limits and specific eligibility requirements.

Be sure to check our website Denver MMA page  often for new city additions and details on the program.

If you have any questions or would like to see if you qualify please contact us and/or complete our secure online loan application.

Ray Williams

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