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Mortgage Hacks

Mortgage Hacks

Mortgage Hacks

Quick tip to help your mortgage approval go smooth. When completing your mortgage application make sure to have all your dates of employment and living history for the last two years, These dates are extremely important and mandatory for a mortgage application.  Should there be any gaps longer than 3 months be sure to let your lender know and they will structure accordingly and let you know how the application should be completed.

Make sure to look through your W2’s to make sure you didn’t miss any employers.  All W2’s will need to be reviewed during the pre-approval process and the loan application will need to match.  If you don’t have all your W2’s for the last two years, for reasons such as some got lost, thrown away or perhaps are in storage, then go to website and request your W2 transcripts.  These can be sent to you at no cost.  While you are at it if you don’t have your last two years tax returns then request your tax transcripts as well. They will fax them immediately to you or you can choose to have them sent by mail which can take up to two weeks.  If you need to have mailed be sure to plan ahead so you have them readily available when you are wanting to get pre-approved.

Having these documents ahead of time will help you get pre-approved faster.  Getting your documents gathered ahead of time will be a huge time saver for you and your lender.

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