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Never Forget- 9-11

Never Forget- 9-11

Hard to believe it has been 11 years since the tragic events of 9/11, that forever changed the landscape of our country. Innocent lives were taken too soon. The ripplling effect to our country can still be felt.

On a day where we will all at some point reflect on the horrific events that happened that day, I challenge you. My challenge is to have you do a random act of kindness for one of your fellow citizens.

What do I mean? Pay for their cup of coffee, order up some pies for the local fire fighters, police office. Maybe send random flowers to a hospital cancer ward. Call your friends, facebook them, tweet them, or send them a Linked message. Help a neighbor later. Do something!

Today, I heard Big Bills NY Pizza in Centennial is hosting their annual fund raiser. If you haven’t heard about this, check this out  they will raise boat loads of money today for Cancer research by not charging for food, and accepting donations in stead. Thats what I am talking about.

Most importantly, take a moment to thank someone in uniform today. Whether it is blue, green, yellow, or especially someone in the armed forces. As a Veteran myself I am extremely proud of my brothers and sisters who selflessly give so we can have our freedom protected.

Thank you all first responders! And thank you to those who serve.


Ray Williams

Branch Manager

Summit Mortgage Denver

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