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Being prepared to buy in Denver in 2012

Being prepared to buy in Denver in 2012

These past few weeks I have been getting more and more calls from people who have lost their purchase contracts because they didn’t’t’ take the time to get pre-approved!

Sellers won’t deal with them when they already have plenty of activity and the pre-approved buyers are getting all the attention. Those that don’t think they need to get pre-approved are getting thrown aside  I just had a call last night that lost a contract on a very nice home because of that exact reason.  Had they called me a few days earlier I could of helped in preventing that from even happening.

We have always stressed the importance of getting pre-approved before ever getting into a car with a realtor, calling on a for sale sign or even just looking at houses for sale.Right now there are more buyers than there are homes for sale.  You want to be ready and prepared when putting in an offer, and the seller’s don’t want to take any chances on someone who hasn’t taken the time to see if they are approved to buy a home.

It is extremely important that you are prepared, organized and responsive when you are wanting to get pre-approved and are wanting a lender letter fast so you can put in an offer.

To prevent this from happening to you make sure you call a lender and start the process of getting pre-approved.  To know what is expected for a pre-approval and what documents you will need to provide make sure to read “how the loan process works” and“loan application checklist”  these will help you get organized for your pre-approval!

Don’t let the home you’ve been waiting for get away, apply online, or please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions, I am always here to help.

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Branch Manager

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