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Six Great Benefits of Home Ownership

Six Great Benefits of Home Ownership

Pride of Ownership

Make your house your home by sharing it with pets or taking on a remodel, all without permission from a landlord. Instead of spending money on your rent payment each month, a home allows you to put your money towards your own home.

Social and Community Benefits

Homeowners are also more involved in their local community, and their children tend to do better in school. When you’re looking at potential houses, it’s a great idea to look at school districts nearby if you have kids (or want them in the future!).

 It’s an Important Investment

A home is an asset that can appreciate over time (depending on location and market conditions) and help create financial stability for you. Owning a home means you won’t have to worry about your landlord, rising rent payments, and other challenges associated with renting.

Build Equity

You can increase equity over time by paying down your mortgage loan, and you may also gain equity as your home’s value increases. Once you’ve earned equity in your home, you can access it for large expenses, renovations, college tuition, and more.

Supports a Healthy Economy

When homeowners choose to move, upgrade, or downsize, the process of buying and selling contributes to economic growth and job creation. You can also support local contractors and businesses when you choose to do a remodel or renovation.

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Stronger Credit Profile

Purchasing a home and making consistent, on-time mortgage payments shows other lenders you’re a trusted borrower. Building credit is an important piece of your financial future and owning a home can strengthen your credit profile.

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