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Factors To Thinking Twice On When Purchasing A Home

Factors To Thinking Twice On When Purchasing A Home

When it comes to purchasing a home we can sometimes get a little disoriented. Our judgment becomes at times a little impaired. What I mean by that is we sometimes start sacrificing and overlooking what is important to us. Why do we do this? Because we fall in love with a house. This can become dangerous.

Most the time we look for a house that is close to work, schools and family. For many of us this area may be one of the most desired neighborhoods, which means that you may be finding a little less house for the price. So naturally you may start looking outside of your comfort zone. We start thinking that just a little more drive time may be worth it for just a little more house. Well, I am here to warn you, you need to think twice! Caution!

Recently we have had a couple clients reach out to us for this exact reason. They just purchased their home in the beginning of the year and are already wanting to sell their home and purchase another, one that is closer to work. Their drive time along with gas is wearing on them and they regret the purchase they made. They definitely got a larger house for their money, but at what cost?

It is really important to stick to your list of “must haves” when looking at a house and not stray from your list including location. Curiosity will try and get the best of you and you want to look just outside your “comfort zone” area, but you know what they say curiosity did to the cat….

Here is a great article on tips to finding a great home and also a great checklist for you to refer to when you are looking for a home.

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