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Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

The professionals at Mortgage Maestro have compiled this article of anti-racism resources in order to raise awareness and further educate our loyal readers.

One of the most significant obstacles that deter the progress of racial equality efforts is the unfortunate prevalence of various forms of systemic racism. Systemic racism tends to present itself through institutions or societal practices which disable and disempower people of color and their families. Some examples of this discrimination within institutions include district gerrymandering and disproportionate action against BIPOC within the justice system. It’s difficult to understand systemic racism subjectively without having ever experienced it—so we wanted to include some anti-racism resources. After all, we’re not experts on this subject either. 

First and foremost, organizations to support and follow: 

Books, articles, and what to watch:

  • 13th, this documentary exposes racial inequality within the criminal justice system
  • The Hate U Give, a film based on the YA novel offering an intimate portrait of race in America
  • Just Mercy, a film based on civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson’s work on death row in Alabama
  • Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad is a book that characterizes the experience and perception of societal biases from the perspective of the author, while challenging the reader to abandon their biases and examine their privilege. 
  • Racism, Discrimination and Hypertension: evidence and needed research explores how the healthcare sector fails to meet the preventative healthcare needs of the African American community. 
  • The Impact of Institutional Racism on Maternal and Child Health This article published by the National Institute of Children’s Health Equality sheds light on the heartbreaking obstacles faced by African American new mothers and their children while in the care of healthcare professionals.
  • How To Be An Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi is a book that takes readers through a widening circle of antiracist ideas that will help readers see all forms of racism clearly.

In addition to the resources listed above, we’ve included prominent essays and historical documents detailing the progression of African American suffrage and the transition from state-imposed segregation to the civil rights movement. These progressive steps marked a significant victory in the struggle for civil rights. Familiarity with black history is an effective tool in modern equality efforts and helps us look forward to overcoming further obstacles. We recommend the following resources:



The team here at Mortgage Maestro wants to thank our readers for taking this opportunity to enhance their social awareness and become involved in the struggle for racial equality and justice in America. We identify as allies, both to our clients and the public who are repeatedly affected by racial injustices. With a collective and concerted effort, we believe that real change is possible, and will continue to support progressive movement toward equality. Black lives matter.

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