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Do you have plans for dinner

Do you have plans for dinner

Do you have any plans for dinner? Are you like most of us and just don’t have a plan for dinner or you have a plan but just don’t feel like making it tonight? Whatever your reason, if you live in Denver, we have a solution for you.  The culinary mind behind nine of Denver’s finest dining and drinking establishment Chef Frank Bonanno’s has teamed up with Chef Cristino Griego to start a dinner delivery business, SupperbellSupperBell3

Like most of us eating out can get costly, especially for really good food. They wanted to provide and alternative and affordable option for all of us. Making a fresh, handcrafted meal prepared by Denver’s top chefs whom curate a menu with seasonal ingredients as well as locally sourced such as organically grown fruits and vegetables, grass-fed Wagyu beef and free range chicken along with pork, lamb and spices all from Colorado, then delivered to your doorstep.

SupperBell1They use a blast-chilling technology to finish each meal that is cooked fresh daily in their kitchen.  The dinners come delivered to your door step in a container that may be microwaved or you can bake to have a piping hot fresh meal in around 8 minutes! YUM!


This convenient and affordable option for dinner is really a fresh take on delivery.  Especially knowing you are putting quality food and taste on the table without the high ticket price you would have at a restaurant.  You can place your order same day or plan ahead for those days you know you always have trouble getting dinner to the table.

Make sure to check it out!

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