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Fun Activities-Holiday Lights-Part III

Fun Activities-Holiday Lights-Part III

Tis the season to be merry and bright! I’ve got some more fun things to do in Denver that will include looking at some Holiday lights.  For starters if you haven’t had a chance to drive by the Denver city and county building you need to make sure to visit!  Every year it is a little different so it has become a tradition in our family, which I’m always taken back remembering my dad driving us down to Denver and as a little girl looking out the car window at the large building with all the lights and display in complete amazement and awe and now with my kids I am still overcome with the beautiful display. (And it’s free!)

Some other great places to try and check out over this Holiday weekend would be the Denver Zoo lights, the Denver Botanic Gardens and up north you can go see Adventure Golf’s display along with a round of putt-putt!

For some free holiday light entertainment if you haven’t already downloaded the app on your phone, you need to download the Nextdoor app.  This app is a great community connector, from items neighbors are wanting to sell, advise on local businesses, neighbor hood watch on suspicious activity, etc.  And for the holidays they have a map of houses that have note worthy light displays including those that are set to music on the radio!  Now what is really fun is if you go to any of the above mentioned light displays and you purchase the light glasses, then that makes for a really unique view on the neighborhood light displays!

Whatever you choose to do please be sure to share!


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