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A Client to Celebrate

A Client to Celebrate

We had the fortunate opportunity in helping a veteran and his wife whom have had a foreclosure and where told by other lenders that they would be unable to purchase a home for at least 7 years!

I took the time to hear their complete story, look into their financial history and found a way to get them into a home now!  Because he was a veteran, VA allows 2 years before applying for a loan.  After hearing this news, our clients were so happy that they went out looking for a home right away and found a new build in which offered them incentives such as paying closing costs if they used the builders preferred lender.  They chose to NOT use the builders lender and insisted to work with me, which of course made me extremely happy.

The reason you ask, why did they give up closing costs to work with me? Because as they told the sales representative at the builder; “We wouldn’t be writing this offer, if it weren’t for Ray”. The net effect was they got a price reduction of $6,000 on the house, and I actually paid their closing costs for them anyway. Remember, all money comes from somewhere on builder “incentives”.

The clients went from feeling hopeless to seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Foreclosure is scary, hard and leaves you feeling hopeless, so it is always a wonderful feeling knowing I can help someone.  Especially being a veteran myself, and having a VA loan, I pride myself in having the knowledge to provide VA loans to others.

Here is their wonderful review that our clients posted on Google.  This is an amazing reminder of why I enjoy my job as much as I do, knowing I can help families like this get back into homeownership!

Make sure to work with a lender who has the experience you need in today’s complex financial market. The right lender will have your back, and put your needs first.


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Branch Manager

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