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Living in Denver Colorado: Pros and Cons Revealed

Living in Denver Colorado: Pros and Cons Revealed

Denver, Colorado, is a big city and the capital of the state. It’s the most populated city in Colorado, with about 715,522 people in 2020, up by 19.22% since 2010. It ranks as the 19th most populated city in the United States and the fifth most populated state capital.

Denver has pretty nature and cool art and stuff. It’s between big mountains and flat lands. There’s lots of fun things to do like eating out, finding a place to stay, and watching sports. Many people come here for vacation, about 17 million every year. 

Pros & Cons of Living in Denver

Are you thinking about moving to Denver, Colorado? Before you pack your bags, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of living in the Mile High City.

Pros of Living in Denver

1. Denver Is Downright Beautiful

Denver Is Downright Beautiful

Denver, also called the “Mile High City” due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, is famous for its unique culture. Living there means being surrounded by stunning landscapes, but there’s more to it.

You get both breathtaking nature and the advantages of a big city. This means you can enjoy things like art museums, parks, breweries, delicious food, and plenty of shopping. Denver also has a fascinating history. Every January for the past 115 years, people have celebrated the city’s past with events like rodeos and the National Western Stock Show.

2. Colorado Is A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Colorado Is A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Living in Denver is awesome for nature lovers. You can have outdoor fun without going far. There are cool bike paths like the Cherry Creek Trail, and you can try urban white water rafting on the South Platte River.

Basically, if you like adventures, Denver has something for you. There’s mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, and more. That’s why many athletes move here—to be close to all these outdoor activities.

3. Cost Of Living In Denver Is Reasonable

Cost Of Living In Denver Is Reasonable

Denver’s housing market is active, and living costs are reasonable compared to other parts of the US. Housing is the biggest expense, with average home prices starting at $600,000. Renting in Denver is also getting pricier. In the past year, apartment rents rose by almost 16%, with average rents now at $1,474 for a 1-bedroom and $1,806 for a 2-bedroom.

Besides housing, necessities like gas, electricity, groceries, and entertainment are much cheaper here than in big cities like San Francisco. You might end up paying double for these things in San Francisco.

4. Denver Is An Awesome City For Millennials and Gen-Z

Denver Is An Awesome City For Millennials

Lots of young people are coming to Denver, making the art and food scenes trendy. They have plenty to enjoy: neat breweries, yummy restaurants, cool shops, street art, and museums.

Denver stands out for young adults, with almost a quarter of its population being young. It’s a great choice for young people seeking a friendly city with lots to do, especially for young parents.

5. Excellent Job Market

Excellent Job Market

Living in Denver Colorado is great for technology. Big companies like Google and Lockheed Martin are here. If you’re new to technology, it’s a good place to start. The economy is booming, and it’s cheaper to live here than in other places. Colorado ranks 12th for average income because of the technology scene.

6. Great Educational Opportunities

Great Educational Opportunities

In Denver, you have many opportunities to learn. Public schools and museums offer valuable learning experiences. Plus, there’s the University of Colorado-Denver, ranked 85th in the U.S for college education.

Attending college in Denver is convenient. Whether you’re pursuing a degree or simply expanding your knowledge, Denver provides abundant educational resources. Colorado is currently ranked as the fifth smartest state in the U.S.

Cons of Moving to Denver

Going to Denver has good things about it, no doubt. But, before you decide to go, think about all the possible bad things about living in Denver.

Here’s a short list of the bad things about living in Denver to think about.

1. High Altitude Adjustment

High Altitude Adjustment + Living in Denver Colorado

Denver is called “The Mile High City” because it sits more than 5,000 feet above sea level. Adjusting to this altitude can be tricky for newbies. It takes time to get used to the higher climate and thinner air. 

Some folks feel sick at first, but it usually improves as your body adjusts. Exercising in high places is tough and takes some getting used to, which can make life in Denver a bit challenging, especially at first.

2. Rising Housing Costs

Rising Housing Costs + Living in Denver Colorado

Denver isn’t as costly as LA, San Francisco, or NYC, but housing is still expensive for many families. Tech or well-paying jobs can help with rent, but lots of families live far from the city where housing costs less.

In Denver, housing is 30% higher than the national average. The city is growing fast, making housing even more difficult. The average home price is $530,000, making buying a house hard. Denver ranks 10th in the country for high home prices.  

3. Nightmare Traffic

Nightmare Traffic

Denver gets lots of visitors, about 17 million every year, making traffic heavy. The main road from east to west through the mountains gets more crowded as more people move in.

Denver is the 21st worst city in the U.S. for traffic, causing long delays for commuters. Some have really long commutes, lasting hours on bad days. On average, people spend one to one and a half hours commuting.

4. Increasing Size And Population

Increasing Size And Population + Living in Denver Colorado

Denver is growing quickly. Big cities have benefits, but they also face challenges. With more people come more cars, leading to worse traffic and dirtier air. Also, as more people move in, there are fewer homes to buy or rent, which can drive prices higher. 

If you prefer less crowded places, Denver might not be the best fit for you.

5. Sport-Oriented Culture

Sport-Oriented Culture

Living in Denver Colorado, a lot of the culture is about outdoor activities and sports. If you’re not into that, it might be tough to fit in and make friends. Most things seem to center around outdoor activities and sports events.

So, if you’re moving to Denver by yourself, making friends could be hard. Be ready to try new stuff and meet new people.

Find Out What’s Great About Living in Denver

Denver, Colorado offers a unique blend of city living and outdoor adventures. With its breathtaking nature, abundant job opportunities, and rich culture, it’s a special place to call home. The array of outdoor activities and strong economy make Denver appealing to many.

However, like any city, your preferences and needs matter when deciding if Denver is the right fit for you. Finding the right balance is key to determining if you want to reside in the Mile High City. If you’ve already chosen Denver, send an email to explore the pros and cons of living in Denver, Colorado. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about your potential new home.

Final Thoughts

Denver is a lively and fun city with lots of good things, like a strong economy, different cultures, and beautiful nature. But it’s also important to think about the not-so-good stuff, like how expensive it can be to live there, the traffic, sometimes not-great air quality, not having a lot of public transportation, and how the weather can change a lot. 

Deciding to move to Denver should be based on what you like and need, so it’s smart to think about both the good and bad parts before deciding.


Is Denver, Colorado, a nice place to live?

Yes, definitely! I’ve been living here since 2020, and I absolutely adore it. Sure, there are good and bad points about living in Denver, but personally, I believe the good points outweigh the bad.

Why is Denver so popular these days?

Denver’s popularity is due to its stunning natural surroundings, pleasant weather, and lively arts and culture scene. Plus, there’s a ton to do in Denver, like catching concerts at Red Rocks.

Why are folks leaving Denver?

According to a report in the Denver Gazette, lots of people are leaving Denver. High mortgage rates, pricey housing, economic uncertainty, and remote work options are the main reasons mentioned.

Is living in Denver pricey?

Based on what I’ve seen, Living in Denver Colorado, some things in Denver, like housing, can cost more than in other parts of the US. But they’re still cheaper than in big cities like New York, Boston, or San Francisco.

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