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Energy Audit Can Save You Some $$$

Energy Audit Can Save You Some $$$

This may be the best kept secret in real estate!  For a few hundred dollars (which can also be reimbursed by Public Service) you can get a HERS (Home Energy Rating System).  Getting one of these along with a home inspection prior to buying could save you a lot of money.  This formal energy audit gives the home a energy efficiency score.  Letting you know if the home is an energy guzzler!  Knowing what could cause you more money in electricity upfront before buying is a great eye opener as well as a good negotiating tool.  If you end up finding that hundreds even thousands of dollars will be spent over the years without fixing the problem areas then you can ask seller to either fix before buying or put in a lower offer during negotiations.

This can also work to benefit a seller, if they get an HERS and choose to make essential repairs or suggestions to make home more energy efficient, this can add value to the home and be would enable them to list home higher then other homes in neighborhood!  Shoppers love seeing the energy audit, the upgrades and the seller’s full disclosures.  This can end up being a huge marketing benefit.

Most real estate agents are not suggesting these to their buyers or sellers. Of four EcoBroker designees randomly selected for interviews, only one says he regularly recommends energy audits to both sellers and purchasers and he finds that they help sell houses-even raise prices-rather than wreck deals.

It is always good to due your due diligence in buying a home and this is one you could highly benefit from.  Click here for the full article in the Washington Post.

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