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FHA Secure Refinance Lenders

FHA Secure Refinance Lenders

FHA Refinance Tips

As with any business, certain expertise is something that develops over time and, more importantly, experience. This is particularly true in the field of FHA Refinancing. Finding an experienced FHA lender or broker will likely save you a lot of time and wasted expense. They are familiar with the agency’s application process and qualification standards. While the FHASecure loan program is new, it will not be too different from the agency’s current programs so having an FHA expert on you side is a wise thing to do.

And, only FHA approved lenders can process FHA Secure Loans — so be sure you ‘re not wasting your time with unauthorized loan officers and brokers who   may just try to steer you back to the same old mortgage vehicle that got you in trouble in the first place.

Summit Mortgage Corp. is licensed to do FHA and VA loans, and our branch here in Denver is a licensed branch.  Our underwriters have more than 20 years experience underwriting FHA files, and understand manual underwriting, when facing a tough situation with your home and financing – that is priceless.

I have been originating FHA and VA loans for over 7 years and my partner Ray for 5, we are experienced and knowledgeable and really do care about helping you.

Please contact us with any of your questions.

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