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Hi All,

You all know me as one that sits on the sidelines and doesn’t spam you or send needless information. Well today is that day. The one where if you haven’t been one of the 60% of Coloradans who took advantage of early voting, you need to get out there. Regardless of who your candidate is or what your beliefs are about our state and it’s numerous amendments. Get out and vote.

I know you probably already have, but in case you were thinking your vote doesn’t matter, or that Colorado is going to be blue, so why? Take the time to go. I read a blog last night that proves powerful. We live in a country where we will wait in line for concert tickets, sporting event tickets, new releases on video games. We will camp overnight to get the best gear at Sni-a–grab and to get a glimpse at some of our favorite snow boarders. So when you think it is a pain in the back side to wait in line to vote for our next President, especially at a time where we may face a fork in the road of our country’s history. If your thinking of not voting, think about my military brothers and sisters (like me who are giving / or gave time to serve our country) overseas giving their lives for our freedoms. Even though they may not believe in their cause all the time, they do believe in our freedoms.

Do your thing and  VOTE! Have a great day, this is a historic one~


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