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VA Loan Limits -2017 Announced

VA Loan Limits -2017 Announced

VA loan limits for 2017 have been released. Following suit with Conventional loans limits for 1-unit properties. Given the cost of housing in Denver and Colorado continue to increase it is no surprise to see VA loan limits going up. Denver is considered a high cost area which is why you will see loan limits higher in Denver than in El Paso county (for example). So if you are buying in a higher cost area, you will need to wait to close until after January 1st, 2017 for the higher VA loan limit to be accepted.

VA does not impose a maximum loan amount, rather a maximum amount they will guarantee. So above the VA loan limit the Veteran can borrow but may be required to make a down payment. Also remember that VA will allow you as a Veteran to use your VA loan to acquire a 1-4 unit property. Which can be a great way to offset your mortgage payment, through rent on the units you don’t live in. There are many other great benefits of using your hard-earned VA eligibility, for specific questions give us a call (303)-779-0591 to chat.

VA Circular: For more information read here. Below are some samples of VA loan limits in and around Denver and the Colorado market. To check for your specific county read here. (The reference to Denver County below, also includes Arapahoe County, Adams County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Broomfield County)

County1-Unit Limit
El Paso$424,100




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