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VA Renovation Mortgage

VA Renovation Mortgage

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VA Renovation Mortgage

Are you a veteran looking to purchase a home and are struggling to find a property in this market?  All due to the limited inventory and possibly the lack of quality in your availability, then perhaps a VA renovation mortgage may be exactly what you need to explore.

Or have you been struggling with the decision to sell your home because of the nature of Denver’s real estate market and have been thinking of renovating your existing home as an alternative to purchasing in order to accommodate your existing need?  A VA renovation mortgage may be your answer.

A VA renovation loan works similarly as to a limited FHA 203k with a few limitation differences.  You are able to add up to $35,000 in home renovations to your mortgage.  Structural, mold remediation, self-help is not allowed and the work needs to be completed in 4 months.

It can be used for a one to two unit, attached and detached property, no condos or 3-4 units are allowed.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn more or see if you qualify.

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