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What Is the Difference Between a Home Inspection and an Appraisal

Home Inspection vs. Home Appraisal | Mortgage Maestro

Buying a house represents a significant financial investment. The buyer wants to protect that investment. Guess what? So does the buyer’s mortgage lender. Enter the home inspection and appraisal. Though the two are similar in some ways, they are also quite a bit different. Knowing the details of each one is important, especially to first-time […]

4 Key Differences between an Appraisal and Home Inspection

Appraisal vs. Inspection Many home buyers get a little confused as to the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection.  What are the key differences and why are they both needed? There are distinct differences between an appraisal and an inspection. Which is why both are important and play a very important role when […]

Under contract to purchase a home, important tips you need to know

Helping your lender is critical when you are under contract to purchase a home. This may seem like a no brainer, but often times it is easy to put your lender on the back burner once you go under contract. Most buyers feel that now that they are under contract most of the work is […]

Appraisals In High Demand

EXTRA! EXTRA! HOT REAL ESTATE NEWS IN DENVER-You have all heard about how hot the Denver Real Estate market is unless you have been living under a rock!  What else is going on, well those whacky low-interest rates are making it hard to pass up refinancing for existing homeowners. So, In a hot real estate […]