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VA Loan Limits -2017 Announced

VA loan limits for 2017 have been released. Following suit with Conventional loans limits for 1-unit properties. Given the cost of housing in Denver and Colorado continue to increase it is no surprise to see VA loan limits going up. Denver is considered a high cost area which is why you will see loan limits higher […] …read more

Should you buy or rent?

Most of the calls we receive are renters who have just been notified of their pending rent increase and they are realizing it may make more financial sense to buy rather than continue renting. Or folks moving to Denver from another city. As they put it, they don’t want to be “throwing our money away […] …read more

Zero Down Mortgage

Looking to purchase outside of the city?  Would you like to put zero down? Needing more space between you and your neighbors? For a little while now rural areas are becoming a popular area to purchase, such as Firestone, Frederick, Dacono and Ft. Lupton. There are some great reasons to move out into these areas […] …read more