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Own Your Mortgage Journey: 4 tips to guide your 2024 mortgage pre-approval

Own Your Mortgage Journey: 4 tips to guide your 2024 mortgage pre-approval

Spring in 2024 is blooming, and with it, the dreams of homeownership. But before you dive headfirst into house hunting, there’s one crucial step: mortgage pre-approval. Our mortgage pre-approval guide for 2024 is your golden ticket gives you an edge in a competitive market, but navigating the process can feel like a labyrinth. Don’t worry, intrepid homebuyers – this guide will equip you to conquer the pre-approval maze with confidence and ease. Not to mention help reduce the stress of one of life’s most amazing accomplishments, buying a home!

Remember, you’re not just a borrower – you’re the captain of your pre-approval journey. In 2024 your choices and actions directly impact how smooth (or bumpy!) the ride will be. Here’s how you can take control:

1. Be the Responsive Rockstar:

Lenders love responsive borrowers. Think speedy emails, prompt document submissions, and clear communication. This shows them you’re organized, proactive, and invested in the process. Delays and unanswered questions can raise red flags, so be the rockstar of responsiveness and watch your pre-approval sail through. Answer your phone! I know, 2024 right? We get blasted with spam and robo calls, but put your lender’s contacts in your phone as VIP so those calls come through. Remember , you are buying a home!

2. Tame the Paper Tiger:

Document chaos? Not on your watch! Gather all the required paperwork upfront – tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements – and organize them like a pro. Imagine your lender’s desk as a serene beach, not a paper avalanche. This level of organization screams “competent borrower” and gets you closer to that pre-approval paradise. In today’s world having access to digital documents makes things faster, and more efficient. Please don’t send your financials over email, make sure to use a lender’s secure portal for document requests.

3. Transparency is Your Secret Weapon:

Let them know your timelines. When do you need mortgage pre-approval ? Do you have a lease expiring in 90 days? Are you having a baby or moving from another state? Also, please don’t play hide-and-seek with your finances. Be open and honest about any potential credit bumps or financial hiccups. Remember, lenders appreciate transparency – it shows you’re trustworthy and willing to work together. Plus, early disclosure can help them tailor a loan solution that fits your real situation. Your loan officer is going into the ring for you. They have to be able to jab, jab, hook to help get your loan approved. If you omitted something they could get knocked out, and in turn your loan can get denied. Help them , help you. Lean on their experience to guide you through the maze, trust in them with your loan process.

4. Knowledge is Power:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Understanding loan terms, interest rates, and closing costs empowers you to make informed decisions. Research, compare, and ask your lender to break it down in plain English. Knowledge is your shield against hidden fees and surprises, keeping your pre-approval journey smooth and stress-free. The best lenders want you to be educated and close confidently. They will not shy away from questions, even if you asked once before. You should have a strong working relationship so that you feel confident in your lender partner.

Bonus Tip: Send them what they ask for, not what you feel or think is right. If they are asking for something a second or third time, is it because you sent them exactly what they asked for, or what you wanted to? The lender and their team is your best friend for 30 days, so pick up the phone as needed for clarification questions. Here is an example; If you have a bank statement that has 6 pages, and you send 5 because page 6 is blank, that don’t work when the statement says page X of X.

Remember, owning your pre-approval journey is about more than just paperwork; it’s about taking control of your homeownership dreams. By being responsive, organized, transparent, and informed, you’ll transform from a passive borrower into a confident captain, ready to navigate the pre-approval seas and land on the shores of your dream home. So, grab your metaphorical compass, set your sails, and get ready to own your mortgage journey! We hope our mortgage pre-approval guide for 2024 was valuable for you. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel to learn more. We love complimentary consultations, schedule a call with us today. We would love to partner with you on your homebuying journey, click here to start the application process. 

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