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Time Is Running Out For The MCC

Time Is Running Out For The MCC

The time is running out for the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), a mortgage tax credit.  The MCC is available for first time home buyers and non-first time home buyers if buying in a targeted area.  There are two providers whom supply the certificates, Raymond James (City & County of Denver) and CHFA (Statewide).

As of early this year Raymond James announced that they have already exhausted their MCC allocation.  As of this afternoon we received notification that CHFA is almost exhausted as well. We are here to tell you, now is the time if you are wanting the MCC tax credit.  Again, if you are a first time home buyer or if you are a buyer purchasing in a targeted area (these areas are determined by a Census Tract, see link below for more information), don’t miss out on this opportunity.  It is only available for you at the time of purchase, not after!  This is not a loan program, this is a tax credit to apply for when you are purchasing your new home.

If you would like to know more about this program click here and we welcome you to contact us.  Please also make sure to check with your lender, they will need to be an approved lender for the program.


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