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VA releases 2014 loan limits

VA releases 2014 loan limits

Those who are looking to get a VA loan coming up should already know, there is no real loan limit for VA loans. This means, if you are buying a home say $600,$700,$800,000 you can obtain VA conforming (normal) interest rates.

Now it doesn’t mean you can put no money down, but you would be surprised how little you would have to put down, on what is normally a jumbo loan for you.

From there, if your loan is conforming amounts the major metro area have been INCREASED to $425,000 this coming year. So that is great news!

From there, if you have questions about outlying areas let me know.

“Happy New Years to my Veteran brothers and sisters and peace be with you!”

Ray Williams
Branch Manager Summit Mortgage – Denver
Mortgage Maestro Group

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