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Top 5 Reasons You Need To Wait To Purchase

When you are looking to purchase a home there are pertinent questions a lender will ask in order to help facilitate how they can help you.  Listed below are the top five questions a lender should initially ask you when you call looking to get pre-qualified for a home purchase. Top 5 questions a lender […]

Low Mortgage Rates Online

Proceed with caution when looking at these low mortgage rates online. What you see is not always what you will get.  Lenders advertising these low rates are doing a great job because they are getting you in the door by making their phones ring. Be careful when seeing these advertisements.   A past client of […]

Quick Mortgage Pre-Approval

Whether you are looking to refinance or to purchase a home there are way too many advertisements giving you a “streamlined” option to get a quick mortgage pre-approval. I am extremely perplexed about the calls and conversations I’ve been having these past few weeks. Most of the calls state that they have already spoken with […]

Home Purchase-21 Day Closing

If you have been out there looking in the Denver area for a home to purchase, I’m sure you are getting frustrated.  With little inventory it makes for a very competitive and exhausted market.  With this in mind we have created a alternative option in order to help give you an “edge” when submitting an […]

Camping & Hiking in Colorado

Now is the time to start marking our calendars for camping and creating our destination hiking trails that you haven’t explored yet.  As a Colorado native, you would think I should know all the ins/outs of hiking trails and camping spots but as you may have noticed, Colorado is an enormous playground with vast areas to […]

Let Me Take You On A Drive

Let me take you on a drive, a metaphoric drive.  This is an example of the loan approval process put into the perspective of taking a drive.   We are heading to Breckenridge from Denver.  And to add to the excitement and anticipation, we have a meeting to attend in 2 hours. In order to get […]

5 Reasons to choose a direct lender vs. bank

Most of us tend to reach out to our bank when looking to apply for a loan, more specifically, a mortgage.  Which seems to make the most sense to us, why not start with the place that holds most of if not all our funds and already has our information. Well, I want to point […]

Denver is Booming

Every day there seems to be a new addition to Denver’s skyline!  It seriously feels like a new building is popping up each day.  There seems to be a crane in every direction when you enter downtown.  More condos, apartments, offices, retail, you name it there are some serious growth and development happening. If you are […]

Renovation Loans

Renovation, Remodel, Rehab all these words mean the same thing and are used to create the house you have into the house you want with a renovation loan.  Recently we have had an increase of calls looking into renovation loan options and if can be done as a refinance.  This comes as no surprise since […]

Where are your down payment funds coming from?

Knowing where your down payment funds are coming from is only half the equation. Being able to source and show is the second part. As a lender we see all sources of money being used for down payments. Some of which include but are not limited to; 401k’s, gift funds, stocks, mutual funds, savings bonds […]

Appraisal and Home Inspections

Many home buyers get a little confused as to the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection. Both are shown as deadlines on the purchase contract. You may be asking yourself “why is it needed if you are getting an appraisal, why would you need an inspection too?” Although the home inspection is optional, it is […]

Pre-Approval VS. Pre-Qualified

Pre-approval vs. pre-qualified, is there really a difference? With inventory low, this can cause stress in trying to find a home. With that being said, for some reason, some people out there looking are forgetting the most important factor in putting in an offer on a property.  They are NOT getting pre-approved prior to going under […]