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6 Reasons To Do A Credit Approval

6 Reasons To Do A Credit Approval

Given how crazy aggressive the Denver Real Estate market is, we have seen many people lose offers because of lack of preparation. As a result of two years back, we created an approval process to put you in competition with other offers.

Here are 6 reasons to pursue the credit approval

1)- Your offer will compete with cash – With our credit approval, we can close your loan in two weeks, putting your timelines right with a cash offer since we have “effectively” removed the loan contingency component. We can let the selling agent know this, so they can tell their seller before accepting your offer.

2)- It’s beyond a pre-approval– Doing this 16 years, we issue pre-approval letters on loans that close. Meaning we have reviewed all of your financials in our office. However, a credit approval has the formality of an underwriter physically signing off on everything but the title; appraisal; contract. So you have peace of mind as you organize your move that nothing will stop your closing.

3)- It puts you in the driver’s seat– All the whacky clauses being put in contracts these days to win the deal, means with credit approval should you decide to add those clauses (inspection, appraisal gap….) you can position yourself as aggressive as you want to be to win the contract.

4)-  Headache free lending process- As you go under contract, your life will get busy. Having the credit approval means, what we need from you will be minimal so you can focus without stress to know closing and closing on time will be pain-free.

5)- No cost to you– We do this as a complimentary service because we don’t like to lose!

6)- You can lock in your rate before going under contract– What are you talking about, that’s not possible? Yes, you can. We have the ability in this rising rate market to lock in your loan before you are under contract. If you are concerned about rates going up on you, we can protect you.

Simply put, this is a foolproof way to bolster your offer. As competitive as this market is, anything we can do to help, is the least we can do. We just need you to let us know you want this complimentary service, and my team will get you lined up! Plus your agent will love you know you are pretty much done with your loan and they can sell that to the seller when they present your offer. Get started today and win the day~

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