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Judgement on your credit report

Judgement on your credit report

If you have a judgment on your credit unfortunately you will not be able to get pre-approved for a home mortgage.  A judgement needs to be satisfied and released before you can apply for a mortgage. If you are being told that this can be approved with an FHA mortgage you may have received false or inaccurate information.

When you have a judgement on your credit report this is a stopping point for any lender no matter what loan program.  A judgement needs to be satisfied, which means it needs to be paid.  After being paid it also needs to be released and you will need to file the release and obtain the release of judgement from the county of which is was filed under.

This is extremely important if you are wanting to purchase or refinance.  This is one you can’t keep calling different lenders to see if they can help you, this has to be addressed and taken care of.  In the long run you will be thankful in getting this satisfied because your credit score will significantly increase.

Listed below are a couple articles with some helpful tips on how to remove judgments on credit.

How to remove a paid judgement

How to remove a judgement on your credit report

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